Anxiety Therapy Godalming and Online

Are you experiencing Coronavirus Anxiety?

Anxiety can be described as an unconscious response to fear or uncertainty about the future.

In a world where the future looks very uncertain, most of us are experiencing levels of anxiety to some degree.

Fears for the health and wellbeing of ourselves and loved ones, worries about work, education and finances can all feel stressful.

I think it’s really important to understand that it’s not your fault and it's only human to feel anxious right now.

Anxiety is part of your human survival system. If your unconscious mind notices a threat to your safety, the fight/flight/freeze response drives you to take urgent action to avoid danger.

Your natural survival system is trying to save you from a perceived threat to your safety.

It's not able to differentiate between immediate danger or long-term uncertainty.

In a longer-term situation like coronavirus, the survival system switches on and can be difficult to turn off again.

I hope the information below will help you understand more about anxiety and I've added a free hypnosis recording at the bottom to help you learn how to calm yourself down.

Here are some FAQ’s & A’s about anxiety.

Q. What does an anxiety attack feel like?

A. Your fight/flight/freeze response diverts energy away from your normal maintenance system to operate an emergency safety-first drill.