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Women's life coaching by fully qualified hypnotherapist Laurie Harvey in Surrey England.

Frequently Asked Questions
 Women's Life Coaching

Q.  Why do I need a life coach?
A.   A life Coach is professionally trained to help you find your passion, live more wholeheartedly and be your best.
Q.  What does a life coach do?
A.   A life coach motivates you and provides accountability while inspiring you to pursue your dreams.
Q.  When can a life coach help?
A.  If you’re struggling with career, relationships, health. If you feel stuck and unable to move forward because life isn’t feeling fulfilling. If there are things you want to achieve but you don’t have the confidence.If you keep starting something important but keep giving up.
Q.  How does Life coaching help?
A.   A life coach is a supportive partner on your journey who can identify and clarify what’s most important to you, what’s been stopping you and holding you back. 
She’ll work with you on developing the areas where personal growth is required while               boosting your confidence and encouraging you.
A life coach will work with you on developing plans and creating strategies to help you             to move forward confidently and improve your life.

Q. What's the difference between a coach and a therapist?

A.   A coach sets goals and offers strategies to help clients reach their goals. A qualified therapist focuses on the mental blocks that are preventing you from reaching your targets. I often use a combination of therapy and coaching for maximum benefit. Click here to find out more about how therapy works with coaching to build confidence. 


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