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Cognitive Hypnotherapy



Are there times when you feel anxious, overwhelmed by your emotions and unable to think clearly or positively?

Would you like to learn a set of techniques to bring you relief from anxiety symptoms? Would you like to be in control of anxiety rather than the anxiety be in control of you?
When anxiety arrives it causes intense, powerful, scary feelings that overwhelm us and so we naturally try to stop them and try to avoid the triggers or situations that make it worse. The more we try to avoid the anxious feelings, the worse they get. If we think other people have noticed it can become compounded with embarrassment and shame.
Anxiety is a result of the unconscious mind reacting to a perceived threat. It's an automatic process in the same way that our unconscious mind alerts us when it's time to eat food or to go to the toilet.  When our unconscious mind perceives a threat, the hormones noradrenaline and cortisol flood into our body, to get ourselves physically ready to respond to danger. Our heart rate increases to send energy to our limbs so that we can run away or fight our way out of danger. This is absolutely the right reaction if we were under attack but many people (estimated 1 in 10) regularly experience it. 
In an effort to solve the problem, our mind spotlights all of the details and keeps repeating negative thoughts. The more we worry about it, the more we scare ourselves and the less we’re able to sleep, appetite is affected and quickly a negative cycle is created which feels very difficult to get out of.
Many people will try to “fix themselves” or distract themselves by doing other things which historically would have soothed and relaxed them but now they find that they’re unable to concentrate or focus which makes them feel hopeless.
I work holistically with my clients to create anxiety treatment programmes that are tailor-made to each individual. We work on all aspects of the problem and lifestyle to build a positive mindset for the future.
Contact me by completing the form below. My treatment rooms are located in Moorgate, London and Godalming, Surrey or you may choose online therapy via Zoom.

“I began treatment with Laurie late last year in an effort to relieve my anxiety and lower my blood pressure both of which were having a negative impact on my life. Laurie spoke to me and we went through what we thought might be causing me this problem. I was given some relaxation exercises to do and told to practice them before my next session, this I did and, after a few days I began to feel more relaxed. On my second visit Laurie took me back through meditation to when my problem had begun, and we did certain techniques so I could re-live this time and mentally change things. I began to feel better straight after the session. A couple of weeks later I had to go into hospital for a minor operation which would normally have seen my blood pressure soaring due to my anxiety, however, everyone was surprised to find my blood pressure was normal!

My treatment sessions with Laurie have changed my life by teaching me how to use my mind and relaxation to control my body. It’s the best thing I ever did.”

PB Milford Surrey