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Cognitive Hypnotherapist
How to lose weight? Hypnotherapy can help with your dieting with hypnotherapist Laurie Harvey in London Moorgate and Guildford area in Surrey.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help people to lose weight by permanently changing their mindset, their eating habits and by releasing food addictions.

Your unconscious mind is thought to be responsible for 95% of what you do, think and feel, so if you consciously want to lose weight but you're doing things that sabotage your best intentions, your unconscious mind is probably responsible.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help resolve the beliefs, thoughts and emotions that drive unwanted eating habits and can build your motivation and give you tools that build your willpower and help you reach your goals.

Most people that I see have already tried many diets, joined exercise clubs, bootcamps and gyms and found that it all works initially but then a few months or years later, despite all of their hard work and initial success, they’re back to where they started … or worse.


This is because they’re not able to sustain the changes over the long-term and so they slip back to the old habits that created the problem in the first place.


Once you’ve failed enough times you start to (wrongly) believe that you can’t/won't ever lose weight and your self-esteem and self-confidence diminishes.

My clients tell me that they already know how to improve their diet and lifestyle but they don't have the willpower or there’s a part of them that keeps sabotaging their best intentions.

Using cognitive hypnotherapy we can explore and resolve the reasons why your powerful unconscious mind sabotages your conscious efforts to control your weight.


I design tailor-made courses for each individual client using a range of techniques designed to increase your willpower, motivation and change your habits. I will support you on your journey as you make the important changes for you to get your confidence back and create the lifestyle you want.

This isn’t magic – but if you really want to lose the weight and change your life permanently, I can help you make this happen.


Please contact me using the form below to start a conversation to learn how we might work together.




My treatment rooms are located at Luck's Yard in Milford and Surrey Holistic Ltd Godalming

 or you may choose online therapy via Zoom

Logo of specialist hypnotherapist Laurie
Logo of specialist hypnotherapist Laurie

“After trying multiple other avenues for help, including psychodynamic therapy, CBT and even some psychiatry, this is the first therapy that has actually helped me to change my habits and maintain those changes. I have maintained a healthy lifestyle now for 2 months, and have begun to see the rewards, having lost 4kg of weight over that timeframe.”


AN Moorgate London

"Even from a 100 mile distance Laurie carefully helped me to unwrap a lifetime of turmoil , she gently changed my thinking, and brought me inner peace. She gave me the the tools to leave the demons of my childhood behind , which has allowed me to become a positive, calmer relaxed and capable new woman, who no longer needs sugar to fight stress and anxiety, I have a new superpower !

Who would have thought, I only contacted her to help me to lose a little weight ?"



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