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Women's Stress

Cognitive Hypnotherapy 
Confidence Coaching for Stress

Are you finding everyday life overwhelming and you're struggling to cope?

Are you using alcohol, food, or shopping to try to make yourself feel better?

We’re all different and there are lots of reasons why we become stressed but often we feel that our life is out of our control because we've lost the work/life balance, we're frustrated that we're not achieving our full potential or everything gets on top of us because we don't think we have the confidence or skills to manage situations that are making us unhappy.

When experiencing stress we often take out our frustration and anger on the people around us leading us to feel guilty, isolated and lonely. We're often our own worst enemy and use negative self-talk which makes us feel unworthy of self-care and we become locked in a spiral.
Stress affects us all but it’s how we deal with it that makes the biggest difference. 

If you're the kind of person who wants to learn how to manage your emotions and stress more effectively so that you and the people around you can benefit, please contact me below for a conversation to explore how we might work together,


My treatment rooms are located at Luck's Yard in Milford and Surrey Holistic Ltd Godalming

 or you may wish to choose online therapy via Zoom.


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