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Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Are you having problems sleeping at night? Learn how to relax with the help of Hypnotherapy. London and Godalming treatment rooms.


Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you achieve more restful, restorative sleep.


Whether you’re dealing with insomnia, nightmares, or other sleep-related issues, I offer tailor-made sessions designed to address the root cause of your problem and help you achieve lasting change and get the restful sleep you need to feel your best.


As you know, sleep is such a delicate process that many things can disturb it. 

Yet it's something we're born able to do from the outset, it's innate, so why does getting enough sleep get so complicated?


We all know the importance of getting eight hours sleep and so when we think we're not getting enough we're inclined to stress about it and lie in bed creating scenarios and telling ourselves stories about how bad the following day will be and how we won't be able to cope.

Being tired the next day disrupts our thought processes, impacts our cognitive abilities to deal with problems effectively and sets us up for more worry.


When we worry or become stressed, our survival brain releases hormones that are designed to keep us alert to danger - the last thing our survival brain wants us to do when we're worried about something is to go to sleep.

So what may begin as a few nights of poor sleep can quickly set up a cycle where worrying about not getting enough is keeping us awake and the longer it goes on the worse it becomes.

Sleep is a natural process that we're all capable of achieving under the right conditions.  


If you'd like to have a conversation with me about improving your sleep, please contact me by completing the form below.




My treatment rooms are located at Luck's Yard in Milford and Surrey Holistic Ltd Godalming

 or you may wish to choose online therapy via Zoom

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