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Laurie Harvey

Cognitive Hypnotherapist and 

Confidence Coaching


If you're the kind of person who wants to create a life with more success, meaning and joy, you've come to the right place.
I'm helping women overcome problematic patterns of thinking, overwhelming emotions and to be free of unwanted behaviour and habits. I use Cognitive Hypnotherapy because it's a powerful evidence based approach at the cutting edge of therapy.
Maybe, you feel stuck, alone or your life doesn’t feel happy and fulfilling so you want someone to support and guide you to make some great changes that can  transform your life. I’m kind, gentle, non-judgmental and would love to help you with that.
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I combine a relaxed mind with a variety of techniques to guide each client to reach the solution that they want to achieve.

Because everyone is unique, I create programmes that are specifically designed to suit each individual person.

HLD, Godalming Surrey

JK, Cranleigh Surrey

“Laurie is amazing I am so grateful for all her support. The hypnotherapy really helped me to put things to rest and move forward with my life which is priceless… I cannot recommend Laurie enough.”
"I absolutely recommend Laurie… If you want to alter your perspective/change something in your life and you’re ready & willing to make the effort, she’s the lady to guide your hand and lead the way! Laurie, I can’t thank you enough!"
“Laurie’s warm and friendly demeanour immediately puts you at ease and I’m so glad I chose Laurie as my hypnotherapist."
Guildford Surrey
What They're Saying
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About Me


As an experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapist I’ve studied and continue to study what makes people happy and unhappy.  


I’ve learned why people often behave the way they do and how to help people who want to stop doing, thinking and feeling things that have been making them unhappy. 


I don’t judge what you should or shouldn’t be doing – you tell me what’s making you unhappy and how you’d prefer to be and together we’ll use the skills I’ve learned to help guide you to overcome whatever it is that you want to change.

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Godalming Hypnotherapy

Face to Face Appointments



In person sessions are available at therapy rooms located in Godalming, Surrey.


Online Hypnotherapy




I’ve been offering Online therapy in addition to in person sessions since 2013 and clients have found it to be just as successful. All of the techniques that I use at in person appointments can can be used in video sessions.