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Help with binge eating in the city of London. Learn how to stop with hypnotherapist Laurie Harvey in the city of London and Cranleigh area in Surrey.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy



Are you regularly overeating until you're uncomfortable, eating too quickly, eating when you're not hungry, eating secretly, feeling embarrassed, ashamed and/or guilty?

Often Binge eating can be historically linked to bullying, abuse, trauma or separation.

It can be triggered by stress, loneliness, tiredness, boredom, feeling not good enough, not worthy enough etc.

Diets alone rarely help because they don't address the underlying negative emotions that keep the habit in place.
When you experience strong negative emotions your unconscious mind will try to help you by restoring good feelings.
When you eat, hormones are released that make you feel good and can can be a quick, easy way to restore good feelings.
Processed food, high in fat and sugar can make you feel good in the very short term and the unconscious mind thinks it’s done a good job.
As you know, the good feelings are short lived and then you experience the discomfort, guilt, shame etc which knock your confidence and you experience the negative feelings again.
So the cycle goes around again and again and again.

With the right help and support you can change the original negative feelings that drive the binge-eating cycle and learn tools and techniques to overcome the old habits and create a healthier happier life.

I'm a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Confidence expert creating gentle, supportive, tailor-made treatment plans for each individual client using using a range of effective techniques to help you reach your goals.


If you'd like to take the first step, please contact me by completing the form below to start a conversation and learn how I might be able to help you. 

My treatment rooms are located at Luck's Yard in Milford and Surrey Holistic Ltd Godalming

 or you may wish to choose online therapy via Zoom


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