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At interviews or exams, despite having done all of your preparation and knowing your stuff, do you get so overwhelmed by nerves that your mind goes blank and you're totally unable to think straight or answer confidently?

Maybe you get so worried ahead of "the big day" that you're unable to sleep beforehand and can't give your best performance on the day!

Most people experience some nerves in these kinds of situations and find it can be useful as they're motivated to be prepared, sharp and at their best.  


However for some people the nerves are excessive and become too overwhelming because the survival brain reduces oxygen to our thinking brain, sends more energy to our arms and legs so that we can run away from the perceived danger. 

The result is that people find themselves stuck in unrewarding positions/jobs because it's easier than going to interviews or exams.

If you want to change your life but to do it you need to be confident at interview or exams and you’d like to be able to deliver a calm, confident and focused performance then Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you.

I'm a featured expert in The Telegraph and Independent School Parent Magazine offering advice to families on how to deal with exam nerves and stress.

My treatment rooms are located at Luck's Yard in Milford and Surrey Holistic Ltd Godalming

 or you may wish to choose online therapy via Zoom



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Before I went to see Laurie, I used to get really stressed and worried about my exams. Every time I had an exam coming up I would freak out and get myself flustered which probably made my performance in exams worse. I would work myself up into a blind panic so upon actually entering the exam, I would go blank and completely forget what I was supposed to be doing.

Laurie really helped me. She taught me techniques to calm myself down before each exam and in the weeks leading up to it. I would enter my own little bubble before entering an exam and if at any point I became stressed, because of this I was able to access that calm place that helped me to continue in the exam.

Now before an exam, when I’m waiting to go go into the school hall, instead of worrying and nervously tapping my feet, I make sure I take deep breaths and I use the techniques Laurie taught me to get myself into a calm place so I am prepared for the exam.


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