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Treament room sign at the Light Centre in Moorgate London. Laurie Harvey Hypnotherapy specializes with women's therapy.
Frequently Asked Questions
Cognitive Hypnotherapist
Q.     What is hypnosis?
A.      Hypnosis is simply a relaxed state of mind. 
Q.      Is hypnosis real?
A.       Yes, studies have shown that hypnosis alters the way the brain processes information.                                     Cognitive Hypnotherapy is evidence based. See here for more details.
Q.      Is hypnosis safe?
A.      Hypnosis is a natural and safe procedure.  However you should always make sure that you see a                    properly trained therapist who is registered with the Professional Standards Authority for hypnotherapy              which is the CNHC. Look out for this logo.
Q.     Can anyone be hypnotised?
A.      Yes - some people more than others but depth of “trance” isn't a measure of success.
Q.    Will I be susceptible to hypnotism?
A.     You don’t need to be susceptible.  Hypnotherapy isn’t stage hypnosis.
Q.    Will I lose control under hypnosis?
A.     No, you can’t be made to do anything you don’t want to.
Q.    Is hypnosis like being asleep?
A.    No you’re awake and fully conscious.
Q.    Can I get stuck in hypnosis?
A.     No, you may fall asleep but you’ll always wake up again as normal.
Q.   Will I say things when I’m hypnotised that I don’t want to?
A.    No, you’ll have the same control over what you say as you would normally.
Q.   Do I have to close my eyes to be hypnotised?
A.    No you can keep your eyes open, It’s just easier to relax and focus with your eyes closed.
Logo of Laurie Harvey's CNHC qualification
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