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How does your therapy for anxiety work?

Updated: May 9

Godalming, Surrey, UK
How Does your therapy for anxiety work

How does therapy for anxiety work?

This is usually the first question people ask me on our free discovery calls so I thought you might also like to know how I work with anxiety.

First of all, I listen deeply to what makes you feel anxious. It may be certain places, people or situations or it may feel almost constant - it’s different for everyone.

I listen very closely because I customise my approach for every individual client and one person's anxiety isn't exactly the same as the next person's.

It’s important for me to know how you react in the situations where you feel most anxious because anxiety is an unconscious response - it’s out of your conscious control. I’m concentrating on what your unconscious mind thinks is dangerous and is trying to protect you from.

I’m also listening to when the anxiety started (or got worse if you’ve always been anxious) because there will be clues as to why your unconscious mind is creating these anxious feelings.

By concentrating deeply on your responses I’m learning more about the algorithms that your unconscious mind is running and why the anxiety has become a problem for you.

Once we understand all of the above the above, we can work with the unconscious mind to help it to find better solutions.

I don't listen to you talk endlessly about it. I have a very wide variety of gentle hypnotic techniques available and match the most effective and specific tool to each individual person and the way they’re doing their particular problem.

I’m listening for what unconsciously triggers your anxiety and then reprocessing the causes while simultaneously working on developing new strategies that will enable you to move forward growing in confidence day by day.

If you’d like to know more about how my therapy for anxiety works you can book a free discovery call.

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