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Free Walks to Ease Anxiety

I hope you’ve had a good summer and you’re enjoying the transition into autumn. I’m hoping we’ll have some bright sunny skies as the trees change colour so that we can get outside and enjoy some beautiful walks.

Next Monday 4th October, we’re restarting a new season of our free walks for people who experience stress and anxiety.

We’ve had a great response to the last season and while the weather made it wet and muddy along the river, the walks were a great success and we had some lovely feedback.

One of the comments was that the time was too early so we’ve pushed the walks back to 9.30 and we hope that makes them more convenient.

We’ve also changed the route so if you came for a walk last time and would like to do it again on a different route, please come along.

Here are some of your comments:

“I thought the approach was really good, walking a little then stopping for some instruction then carrying on made it easy to take all the different points in and gave you a little to think about each time”

“Really happy, started my day off in the right frame of mind”

“I thought it was a really good session. Covered a lot but not too long for an introductory session with strangers”

“Both therapists were super friendly and the structured approach to focusing on posture and individual senses I found very useful”

Please sign up below:

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