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How can Hypnotherapy stop you drinking

Hypnotherapy can help with alcohol addiction, alcohol dependence, alcohol binge drinking and alcohol abuse by resolving the unconscious thoughts, feelings and emotions that trigger the drinking habit.

What can start out as a few drinks to help you relax before going out, to unwind from the stress and struggles of a difficult day or to fill the gap of loneliness or boredom can easily escalate into a regular habit that’s hard to stop.

Alcohol hijacks your brain chemistry so that even though you consciously know all of the reasons why you shouldn’t have a drink your willpower is quickly overwhelmed.

As the quantity of alcohol increases it puts pressure on your relationships, job, health and finances that mean life feels even more out of control and we lose self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief.

This downward spiral can feel really difficult to pull yourself out of by yourself.

Hypnotherapy can help unpick the emotional triggers that create the urge to drink and uses the power of the unconscious mind to rebuild your life without the need drink excessively.

I use Cognitive Hypnotherapy because it’s an impressive evidence based approach that uses a large range of therapeutic techniques to create a treatment plan bespoke to every individual client.

Contact me below for a free introductory conversation to explore how I may be able to help you.

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